Think of a super yacht and it is likely that you will picture a huge sailing vessel that is luxuriously fitted as well as being hugely expensive. And it is fair to say that you would not be far wrong with that assumption.

Super yachts generally are are over 150 foot long. And as far as cost is concerned, a 2005 Sunseeker Predator was recently on sale for a staggering £1.75m. Such is the opulence of the super yacht, it is sometimes called a luxury yacht. Which has to be a huge understatement!The popularity of the super yacht grew in the early 1900s when luxurious motor yachts such as the 325 foot Christina O and the Savarona, then the largest yacht in the world at 408 feet, were constructed. The economic downturn of the 1920s and 30s led to a drop in demand for these huge vessels, but subsequently the market for such luxurious craft has revived. 강남풀싸롱

Such is the size of a super yacht, it is not the type of vessel that can be sailed only by the owner and his friends and family. They have to be staffed by professional crews, even when for purely personal use. Also many crafts of this type are used for charter purposes. They can command huge fees, some topping over £300,000 per week of charter. Up to a third of this cost can be for fuel, food and costs for berthing. A bonus for the crew can also add to this figure.On a typical super yacht there are often three decks, a lower deck, main deck and an upper deck. Many of the larger vessels even have four of five decks. There may also be a sun deck. It will also have cabin provision for guests, as well as quarters for the crew and a separate cabin for the captain. The cabins will also have en-suite bathrooms or showers.Because of the size of this type of craft it will have room for an open air swimming pool, salon, sauna, steam room, cinema, disco, dining room, medical centre galley, gym and jacuzzi. Added to the luxury will be a secondary dining room, private sitting rooms and library.

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