There are 5 general categories of Amish outdoor furniture: dining, garden, casual seating, swings and gliders, and lawn ornaments. What they all have in common is they are built with the Amish standards of quality – attractive long-lasting hardwood with craftsmanship quality that lasts for generations. In addition to the traditional wood, some of the items are now made of Poly Vinylethylene, which is made of more than 75% re-cycled material, making these products environmentally desirable.

The dining furniture category not only includes the traditional table with 4 or 6 chairs, but also a myriad of other pieces unique to one’s lifestyle, including picnic tables, pub tables and stools and outdoor bars for around the pool.For the garden you can’t get any better than Amish outdoor furniture. The Amish make arbors of all descriptions and styles. They are all strong enough to hold heavy climbing vines such as passion vine or clematis. The arbors give a garden a sense of romance and usually draw you from one area to highlight another. The Amish are masters of the arbor making them with benches, gates and fencing – whatever fits your dreams.Casual SeatingThere are many designs for casual seating in the garden, from rocking chairs for one to benches that can hold 3 people. The styles can include high backs, cut-outs, painted decorations or even custom painting that can be personalized to include homeowners or property names. bar oakland park

Swings and gliders may seem like casual seating but they really are in a category by themselves as usually they are fixed in place or so heavy that they cannot be easily moved from one spot on the lawn to another. Plus they move themselves so you need additional space to use them – they don’t fit in a traditional conversation arrangement. They also can be made for one person or two and can hang from the porch ceiling by a chain or can be purchased in a frame and sit on the lawn.Lawn Ornaments For Decorating Your YardThis fifth and final grouping takes in a variety of items, from planters and plant stands to wishing wells, bird feeders, bridges, windmills and wind chimes. Each item is designed and hand crafted to the highest standards and many may be custom ordered, all to suit your family’s desires to make your house your home with Amish outdoor furniture.

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