Top New Tamil Movies To Add To Your Watchlist

Tamil movies are a complete package of masala entertainment. With new releases every month Tamil movies are being highly rated and have become quite popular among the audience. Many of these movies tasted success at the box office showcasing stellar performances on the big screen. Such big hits helped Kollywood bounce back after the pandemic and are made available on multiple OTT platforms. So, let us have a look at some of the major movies released in 2021 that you need to add to your watchlist.

  • Jai Bhim

Jai Bhim follows the trials of a pregnant woman from an oppressed tribe seeking justice for her husband, who got arrested, brutally tortured, and murdered after being falsely accused in a case. The film beautifully portrays realistic, social issues without being preachy. Actor Suriya plays the lead role of a lawyer who fights the battle for justice that the tribal community deserve.

  • Sulthan

Sulthan is one of the popular Tamil movies of 2021. The film has an interesting story. It is about a man who was raised by gangsters. However, he tries to change them and clear their image. One day he gets an opportunity to do so as few farmers seek the services of these gangsters to protect their village from an evil gangsters. The action drama movie has high production values and strong emotional beats making it an engrossing watch.

  • Kodiyil Oruvan

The film Kodiyil Oruvan is about a man who goes to Chennai to fulfil his mother’s dreams for him to become an IAS officer. He goes on to earn the respect of the community he lives in with his good deeds. But ends up becoming a problem for a corrupt local councillor. Kodiyil Oruvan has an engaging subplot and has hard-hitting sentimental sequences.

  • Kabadadaari

If solving a murder case is something that fascinates you, then this Tamil thriller drama is a must-watch. In the movie, Sakthi is a traffic cop who finds the skeletal remains of a three-member family and plans to decode the unusual case. Kabadadaari has a gripping screenplay that will keep you intrigued through all the twists and turns of the plot. You can stream the film on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

  • Annaatthe

A true Rajnikant fan will not miss any of his movies. It is about Kaalaiyan (Rajnikant), the President of a village and his younger sister Thanga Meenakshi. The duo have a great bond and are inseparable, but as Kaalaiyan begins to plan for his sister’s wedding, arising complications threaten to rupture their bond. Superstar Rajnikant has his onscreen charm that highlights his character in the movie. Annaatthe has many mind-blowing Rajnikant action sequences that will make you watch in wonder.

  • Thittam Irandu

Vignesh Karthick’s directorial film Thittam Irandu is a crime thriller flick. In which Aadhira (Aishwarya Rajesh), a police inspector who comes across a charred dead body in a burnt car. The forensic reports declare that it is Surya (Ananya Ramprasad) dead body. Aadhira then begins her quest to find the killer. The murder investigation soon reveals multiple subplots and twists that makes the mystery interesting.