Tips for buying a bow

There are many different styles of bow available to the traditional archer, ranging from flat bows and auto bows to more common long and recurve bows. Each one is unique and has something to offer, and the choice largely comes down to personal preference. However, I recommend some basic tips:

I recommend learning the basic technique in a recurve style bow, as it is easier to identify areas of your technique that need improvement. Although I am fully committed to nude archery, I also recommend learning how to shoot recurve olympic style. It will teach you some essential good practices, such as back tension, and you can transfer these good techniques to your new bow style later on. I would not go so far as to recommend purchasing your own recurve bow, you may be able to borrow a bow from a friend or from your local archery club. The same advice still applies if you are thinking of buying a compound bow – learn the recurve first.
Don’t lean too far. Shooting too much weight is probably one of the main reasons people get stuck and lose interest in archery; it is much better to gain weight gradually. If your technique breaks down frequently during competition (or a normal shooting session), your bow is probably too heavy. If you’re not sure best takedown recurve bow what weight you want to shoot for, go for a recurve compound style where you can switch limbs. That way, you can put on the weight when you’re ready (and when you can afford it!).
Never buy a bow that you have not held. This is more of a general principle than a rule of thumb (especially if you’re getting a custom-made bow), but remember that each bow feels and shoots differently. Don’t get stuck with something you’re not happy with. Ask to try shooting with other people’s bows (with their permission!). This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the options available. Just remember not to be offended if someone says no – a bow is a very personal thing and some people just don’t like other people shooting with their gear.
Start with a budget in mind and take your time. Buying a bow is an exciting investment that should hopefully give you years of enjoyment. Get all the advice you can and make the right choice.