Spending money on boxers shorts which are not comfortable enough? Is it because of the fabric or size of the boxers underwear? There are dozens of things to consider before shopping for boxers that men usually ignore. Boxers are the most personal as well as an important element in men’s life. Which men’s boxers to buy? Where to buy it? These are some common questions in a man’s mind. But guys don’t spend enough time to figure these things out and end up buying something which is quite uncomfortable. Although it’s a piece of clothing that no one will see except you, it’s the most intimate and crucial item that you are going to wear every day, all day long, right next to your skin. So, it should be of the best material as well as comfortable. Here are some things you should know before  buying boxers which are discussed below:


Comfort is the first thing that every man needs while wearing boxer shorts. If you are not comfortable there, you will feel irritated, and it will be reflected in your behaviour. Adorn your comfort with DaMENSCH boxer briefs, which provides zero- ride up experience as it has longer in-seam and enhanced grip design that keeps your boxer brief in place throughout the day. Always remember to buy boxers that provide the best climate, size and fabric because your body deserves comfort.

  1. SIZE

Your size matters a lot. Don’t compromise on the size of boxers shorts as it can cause extreme discomfort to you. If you are confused about your size, measure your waistline and hips in order to determine your exact size. If you are between sizes or have a muscular body, always go for a size up. If you have a thin body, go for a size down. From size small to XXL, DaMENSCH offers various sizes of boxers for men. The chart below shows the general waistline measurements in inches/centimetres according to the size:

  SIZE              MEASUREMENT






                                     28 – 30                                     70 – 75
                                                M                                       32 – 4                                     80 – 85


                                    36 -38                                     90 – 95
                                               XL                                            40 -42                                    100 -105
                                              XXL                                        44-46                                    110 -115



Always buy boxers as per your size for comfortable movement, support and longevity.



One of the most challenging decisions to make while buying boxers is to choose a nice fabric. It totally depends on the weather conditions as each climate demands a different fabric/ material. You need to choose a fabric that suits your body type, doesn’t stick to your skin, prevents your body from itching or rashes, and maintains your intimate hygiene. Various fabrics are available, like nylon, cotton, linen, silk, spandex and many more to choose from, which have their own pros and cons. Cotton provides breathability and can be used for everyday use. However, leave the silk to bedtime use as these are light -weighted and cool against the skin. Never wear cotton or synthetic boxers while working out. If you really want to buy a perfect fabric, opt for DaMENSCH boxer wear as it offers a huge collection of DEO- SOFT and AER – a SOFT fabric that neutralizes bad odour and keeps you fresh all day. Not only this, it is very soft and absorbs your sweat 3x more than regular cotton. It has a composition of premium-grade micro modal fabric with enhanced breathability, which ensures that your underwear has peerless comfort all day long while keeping the same shape throughout its life. Make a wise choice while choosing fabric if you are going to buy boxers.


Whenever you browse boxers online, you must have come across numerous patterns and colours. It’s 2021 already, and you should start experimenting with different colours and patterns apart from the same old plain blue/ black boxers. Although, it’s advisable to wear dark shades as stain or sweat shows more on light shades. From printed maroon to solid white, DaMENSCH has a wide range collection of patterns and colours, which has something to offer for everyone. The colour of the boxers underwear lasts forever due to the biodegradable fabric composition. It never fades nor has an impact on the environment. Buy boxers and stay trendy.


The waistband is very much like your spine. It gives you correct support and takes care of you but is quite under-rated.  Don’t keep loose boxers shorts because a loose band can lead to things collapsing down there. Also, it shouldn’t be too tight as it can cause band impressions, redness or itchiness. Buy men’s boxers underwear from DaMENSCH as they have a smooth and soft waistband along with upgraded reverse seam stitching. Stay irritation-free as there won’t be any itchy tags there.


Buying mens boxers online sure is a tricky task but an integral one too. It is imperative to take care of your intimate hygiene. DaMENSCH is rendering everything you need- a perfect collection, colours, a dry mesh zone that doesn’t stick to your body, and, most importantly, comfort. It keeps up with your active daily life while providing an alluring style and seamless fit. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Boxers online from DaMENSCH, which is offering exception quality boxers, and choose the best.



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