WordPress is one of the most recommended content management systems today. It’s more comfortable setting up, managing, SEO friendly, and quickly found by search engines because they are very light. However, key points get even much easier for WordPress hosting. The setup process is easy, and you also have the opportunity to change your themes as you like, unlike if you hosted it with WordPress itself.

Now that you have decided to use the WordPress platform to build your website. First, you need to buy an all-in-one plan from WordPress hosting Ltd. Once you purchased your hosting plan, you will receive a welcome email from them within few minutes.

Once you have received the email from them, they will direct you to your control panel. This is like the backroom of your website. This is where you do all your stuff to determine how your website will run. Pick on the hosting account list, and then under the control panel, you’ll be operating as the hosting manager.

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