Because of Covid 19 pandemic looming all over the world around, the job scene has changed quite a lot. People these days are using online platforms in order to showcase their professional skills so that they can provide the necessary services to the company.

As a result, when it comes to how do i red under the current situation, there has been a surge of online jobs in the market. As the pandemic has brought in a lot of difficulties, there has been a steep rise in the work from home culture which has been never seen before. Jobs that are being offered in office have been completely shaken now and there has been a downfall in the amount of work, decline in the economic graph and also lack of income sources. As a result, most humans have discovered this platform of online jobs in India.

Under these circumstances, one has to look for job vacancies where specific skill sets are needed, and one has to match them before applying. Here are some ideas that one can look for:


These days, people do a lot of shopping through online sites and markets. They can choose from the endless options available there and once ordered, those items are delivered to door as well. There are many companies who have been looking out for professionals who can help those sites to transfer the offline stores to online ones. One can go for these jobs if they have required skills as there are many vacancies there. Even if one is a fresher one can do some online courses to develop the required skill set and then apply to land the job.

Logistics or E-commerce

Do you have patience and drive to deliver things throughout the day? Then these job profiles might fit you. But yes, in order to do this job in UAE, one needs a driving license there. This is a kind of door-to-door services which has become quite a popular form of job under this pandemic situation. Here, one has to reach out to those online marketplaces like general websites or food delivery and one can find that there are plenty of job opportunities available even in this challenging time.

Medical service providers

Apart from doctors there are many avenues of medical service providers. When this pandemic is going on, there has been a surge in the demand of caregivers like nurses, consultants, physiotherapists and even psychologists. Not only in clinics and hospitals, but many corporate are also in the need of regular doctors and nurses for basic health check-up of employees every day. If one is a licensed nurse or a caregiver then they can easily apply for these jobs.


Though other job vacancies have reduced, digital platform is something which is constantly being used to sell and advertise things. So, if one has the required skill set of a digital developer then they can look for jobs under this platform.

In order to look for online jobs in Dubai, one can check the popular job websites and apply.

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