How to Spot Cheaters at the Table: Techniques Used by Professional Casino Security

Cheating is one of the most significant problems that internet casinos face today. It’s not surprising that casino security is a top priority. With the help of advanced technologies and techniques, casinos are better equipped than ever to catch cheaters in the act. In this article, we’ll discuss how professional casino security teams spot cheaters at the table games and the techniques they use to prevent cheating.

Signs of Cheating at the Table

Professional on-casino security teams are trained to look for signs of cheating. These signs include:

  1. Unusual Betting Patterns

Cheaters often use unusual betting patterns to signal to their accomplices or to avoid detection. For example, a cheater may increase their bet when they have a winning hand and decrease it when they have a losing one. This pattern is known as “capping” and “pinching.”

  1. Collusion

Collusion occurs when two or more participants conspire to defraud the casino. It could include signaling to each other through gestures or code words, passing chips or cards, or sharing information about other players’ hands.

  1. Marked Cards

Marked cards are cards that have been altered in some way to give an advantage to the cheater. It could include cards marked with invisible ink, scratched or bent, or even replaced with a different card altogether.

  1. Past Posting

Past posting is when a cheater adds chips to a winning bet after knowing the game’s outcome. This technique requires speed and agility and is often used in fast-paced games like roulette.

Techniques Used by Professional Casino Security

Casino security teams use various techniques to spot cheaters at the table. These techniques include:

1. Eye in the Sky

The term “Eye in the Sky” refers to the surveillance cameras that are used in casinos to monitor the activities of players and dealers. These cameras are positioned at various angles throughout the casino, allowing security personnel to monitor everything happening on the gaming floor.

The cameras are typically connected to a control room where security personnel can watch the footage in real-time. It allows them to spot any suspicious activity and take action if necessary. Some casinos also have advanced software that detects cheating or other irregularities in the game, making it easier for security personnel to catch cheaters.

Using cameras and other surveillance equipment is a critical aspect of casino security. Not only do they deter potential cheaters from attempting to cheat, but they also provide evidence if someone is caught cheating. This evidence can be used in court if necessary to prosecute the offender.

Eye in the Sky surveillance is not just limited to the gaming floor. Many casinos also have cameras in other areas of the property, including parking garages, hotel rooms, and other public places. It helps ensure guests’ and employees’ safety and security throughout the property.

2. Facial Recognition

As a means of detecting fraudsters, facial recognition technology has become more prevalent in casinos. Cameras equipped with facial recognition software are positioned throughout the casino, capturing images of players and cross-referencing them with databases of known cheaters and criminals. This technology can also monitor the movements of casino players and dealers in real-time, allowing casino security to identify suspicious behavior rapidly.

While facial recognition technology can be a powerful tool in identifying cheaters, it has limitations. For the technology to work effectively, the cameras must capture clear images of the players’ faces, which can be difficult in a crowded and chaotic casino environment. Additionally, some players may attempt to disguise their appearance with hats, sunglasses, or other accessories, making it difficult for the cameras to identify them accurately.

3. Team Surveillance

Team surveillance is another technique that casino security may use to spot cheaters at the table. It involves having a team of security personnel trained to monitor the tables and players for suspicious activity. These individuals may be positioned at strategic locations around the casino floor, such as in the shadows or in a hidden room, where they can observe the games without being detected by players.

Team surveillance is beneficial when dealing with more sophisticated cheating methods that may be difficult for individual security personnel to detect. The team can quickly identify and respond to suspicious activity by working together and communicating in real-time.

Team surveillance is also helpful in situations where security personnel may need to intervene to stop a cheating scheme in progress physically. For example, suppose a team of cheaters works together to switch cards or chips. In that case, it may be necessary for security personnel to step in and physically prevent the cheating from continuing.

4. RFID Chips

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are another tool professional casino security uses to detect cheaters. These chips are embedded in the casino chips and cards used in table games, allowing the casino to track every move made by a player. RFID technology is incredibly accurate and can quickly detect suspicious behavior or unusual activity.

For example, if a player tries to add chips to their stack after a winning hand, the RFID technology can quickly pick up on this and alert security. The technology can also detect if a player is trying to use counterfeit chips, a common tactic that cheaters use.

RFID technology has dramatically improved the ability of casinos to detect cheaters and prevent fraud. However, the technology could be better, and some cheaters have found ways to bypass it. Casinos still rely on other security measures, such as facial recognition and team surveillance, to ensure their games are fair and secure.


Cheating is a severe problem in the casino industry. Still, with the help of professional security teams and advanced technologies, casinos are better equipped than ever to catch cheaters in the act. By being aware of the signs of cheating and the techniques used by professional casino security, players can help prevent cheating and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.