How to create the birth chart by accurate horoscope reading

Do you want to start astrology but do not know the right way? Creating the birth chart by itself will provide you the insights into the personality. Your birth chart tells you who you are, based on planets and celestial bodies.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a birth chart using an accurate horoscope reading. During the horoscope reading, the three major zodiac signs are interpreted. If you want to learn more about it, read the following ways.

Things to know

Before diving into the way to create the birth chart with the help of accurate horoscope reading, you have to know a few important things.

  • Use the astrology sites to create the birth cart. For this, it is important to know the birth date, location, and time to make an accurate birth chart.
  • Check out the moon, sun, and rising signs to learn about deep emotions and how people see you.
  • Look at the signs and planets in every 20 houses to find more detailed facts about the ego and personality.

Reading the major Zodiac signs- Moon, sun, and the rising sign

Here we are going to tell you about accurate horoscope readingthrough the three major zodiac signs. It is used to make the birth chart by itself

  1. Learn about personality and ego with the sun sign

The sun is represented as a little circle, having a dot in the middle. Look for the sun symbol on your chart and then check which sign and house appear. You can use the facts to learn in advance about the representation of the sun, your personality, and your ego.

If you see a table, you can see the sign of the sun in the table under the titled section, such as planetary position, houses, and the ascendant.

  1. Determine how you view the world with a rising sign or ascendant

AC denotes the ascendant on the chart. It represents the sign rising over the eastern horizon at your birth’s exact place and time. Inaccurate horoscope reading the sign in the ascendant looks like the first house. Look at the little number 1  down to the middle of the chart in the ascendant wedge.

  1. Learn about intuition and feelings with the moon sign

On the chart, the moon appears like a crescent moon. As with the ascendant and sun symbols, look for a sign and house in which the moon appears. Where the moon look can tell you about your intuition and feelings.