Easy Steps To Avoid Food Poisoning

Going with the supreme health body – the World Health Organization, hygiene is essentially those conditions and practices that aid in maintaining health and prevention of the spread of diseases and poor health due to it. Nothing can be truer than this.

What is Hygiene?

Hygiene does not always mean keeping your surroundings clean and spotless. It supremely refers to personal hygiene, which in other words means keeping one’s body parts clean. Everybody part should be given due importance in the cleaning regimen. It is necessary to take time out from one’s busy and hectic schedule to take a bath every day with branded germ-killing body soaps.

In a hot and humid country like India, it has been stressed to take a bath twice daily. The second one should be taken preferably before retiring for bed at night. It is equally important as the early morning bath ritual. It helps the body to get rid of the dust and grime of the daily grind. It is just only one step to perfect health and hygiene.

Clean clothes are one more step forward in the direction of hygiene and cleanliness of self. Every day, clothes should be washed with branded detergents. Then without fail, they should be disinfected with good quality disinfectants available in the markets. Washing one’s hands at regular intervals with branded hand wash is another small but very vital way of maintaining unmitigated health and hygiene. This prevents undue food poisoning.

Food Poisoning and Ways To Prevent It

There is a pizza leftover in the refrigerator for a good many days. Suddenly you see it, and you cannot control your hunger pangs. And you immediately grab it, and without even warming it, you eat it to the last bite with relish. What do you think can happen to you? Of course, it can be nothing other than food poisoning. The sole reason for an upset tummy is the bacterial growth that had set in it.

But do you think this is the only way food gets contaminated? No. There are many other ways. You leave your food in the open air for a prolonged period, and your food gets contaminated because of contact with air.

Another way is when the kitchen surfaces and utensils are not cleaned properly. But why do you need to worry? There are reputed companies in the market who have developed good surface and utensil cleaners and disinfectants to help you get away with food poisoning. Using their products helps you prevent a bad stomach.

Causes of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is caused in numerous ways. We can encapsulate those ways as:

  • Eating undercooked food. It is always advised as improper. Raw food is a big no.
  • Always take care of the expiry dates of packed food. Even if it is cooked at home, it should preferably be eaten fresh.
  • The hygiene of the cook is to be properly supervised before the preparation of food.
  • Remember the old saying, “one rotten apple in the basket spoils the rest.”Well, this stands true for food that has decayed. Once a portion of food has gone bad, it should be immediately thrown away or removed from the good food.


We can safely conclude that personal health and hygiene, and food poisoning go hand-in-hand. You maintain the first, and the second one automatically gets prevented. We need not walk the extra mile to remain healthy if we take care of these two.