Gemstones are believed to have many mystical powers and also have powers to heal. For many years they are known to affect our moods and also boost our ideas. They are also believed to be associated with positive emotions. The healing powers of gemstones are also long known and people are eager to use these gems for their benefit. Based on one’s difficulty or problems faced gem selections are done and the required gems are selected. One can also make attractive jewelry using these gems and benefit from the healing power of the gems. Here is a list of 10 gems that are recommended for their special features.

  1. Emerald: It is known to be associated with love, energy and cleansing. It is believed to be associated with the heart chakra. The use of this gem is believed to help enhance intuition, trust hearts wisdom and opening of one’s heart. The emerald helps in relieving heartbreak and other emotional problems.
  2. Amethyst: It is associated with spirituality, peace and emotional protection. The main reason for the use of the gem is maintaining deeper awareness and also in treating insomnias and deaddiction.
  3. Aquamarine: This gem is blue and is known to evoke courage, luck and inner peace. It can help you to deal with situations that can cause nervousness. The aquamarine is also said to be lucky for travelers.
  4. Diamonds: They help people bond and is also known to bring mental and emotional clarity. Its powers include clarity, relationships and love.
  5. Opal: Opal is made of silicon and water. The main powers are in increasing creativity and let one go with the flow. It also helps in breaking unhealthy pattern and in forming new habits.
  6. Pearls: Pearls are known to be associated with honesty, purity and femineity. It is believed that pears help in amplifying openness and honesty.
  7. Ruby: Rubies are known to have powers like love, courage and energy. Rubies help in increasing one’s stamina when one is feeling lethargic.
  8. Sapphires: They help you in increasing your connection with your third eye. Its powers include balance, intuition and positive energy.
  9. Topaz: They are known to help fight anxiety. Its powers include balance, health and energy. It provides stress and emotional relief.
  10. Tourmaline: This gem is helpful when you have a problem loving yourself. It will help you to accept yourself and fill your heart with joy. Its powers include self-love, positive energy and acceptance.

Khanna gems are an authorized dealer of gemstones and have been dealing with them for a long time. They are government authorized and Mr. Pankaj Khanna is a certified astrologer and sells only original products. They are dealers of semi-precious gemstones. Moreover, the use of gemstone is not restricted to a particular religion and is believed and used by people of all faiths. There are various benefits of using gemstones some of them are listed below:

  1. Using gemstones may help you heal. For long it has been believed that gemstone has healing power and as such, they can generate positive feelings in you and make you feel alive from the inside.
  2. It helps in building connections. With the help of the right gemstones, you can build connections with yourself. This will help you in thinking clearly and also help you in understanding situations better.
  3. The use of the correct gemstone in the correct way can help you in soothing yourself. You can feel peace with yourself and also get rid of the anxiety problem that has been troubling you for a long time.
  4. Gemstone can help you in gaining confidence in yourself which in the long run will help you in getting your goals as they are believed to remove obstacles that are in your path.
  5. They are used as regular jewelry items and as such, you can surround yourself with good vibes. Thus, you can attract good energies regularly and feel good about yourself.
  6. Gemstones have the property of cleansing and it cleans the wearer’s mind of the negative energy that may have accumulated over time. This help in replenishing one’s energy and also helps in keeping one active.
  7. They are sustainable as you are going to invest in a gemstone only once and the same will be with you for everyday use. The jewelry made with the use of these stones is attractive and are also perfect for everyday use. One can make rings, earrings, chains and necklaces using these gemstones and they look perfect.

There are many benefits of using gemstone but one should make sure that the same is used in the correct way and the correct position so that the maximum benefits can be utilized. There are various ill effects of using the gem incorrectly so it is better that you have complete knowledge of the gem and if not consult an astrologer before finally opting for a gemstone.Khanna gems are the perfect store to get the required gemstone which will help you in easing your problems and get the perfect solution.  It is believed that gemstones absorb negative energy and makes you feel positive. It is recommended that the gemstone should slightly touch your skin to affect your body. This interaction of the skin with the stone will help the inflow of the energy from the stone to the body and vice versa. The power of the gemstones can be activated by soaking the same in saltwater or milk for two days before use. It is recommended that the stone is worn in the right hand but some prefer wearing it in the left.

It is recommended that flawless authentic stones be used to get proper benefit from the stones. This can be achieved if you check the stones with a magnifying glass to know about any imperfections in the stone. The stones that are perfect for one use is determined after reading the horoscope and determine the areas which need celestial intervention to get better. Thus, if you have any kind of difficulty and feel that using a gemstone might be of help make sure that you visit a good astrologer and get yourself the perfect gemstone.

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