In conversation about church there’s always the obligatory reminder that the “church is the people.” That is true and really should never be forgotten. But the church can be an entity in itself filled with tradition. The church is made up, not only of current members, but of all who have gone before. She has a legacy of blood vessels, sweat and tears. Folks have given their lives to form the institution.

As a Christian men and women, we participate in God. The Church belongs to God. She actually is the bride of Christ. She actually is his body made up of many members, yet one. She has a purpose.
Determining that purpose is often fraught with heavy battles of may and conscience. Some look at her as a good where Christians head to drink and be filled. She actually is. Some observe her as a springboard for “going forth into all of the world.” She is. Some look at her as a way to obtain social interaction within an otherwise lonely world. She actually is. เรียน TOEIC The church, this battered institution, is each one of these things and more.

There is comfort in tradition. It binds us as a scattered men and women. Attending church in a strange town with individuals who are unfamiliar to us, one can sing hymns and produce statements of faith that carry unity. In this time and this place strangers are family. Because of this hour there is one church, the body of Christ. The custom of the institution spans place and time. It creates tangible the promise of Christ that where several are gathered in his brand, He will be in the midst of them. The communion of saints is certainly mortar in a fragmented planet. Worship is the tie that binds.

Worship is one element of the institution. It is the heart and soul. Prior to the church can go out into the planet she must acknowledge her Creator and Sustainer. The tradition, hymns and creeds result from a long line of individuals who could no more contain their love of God and of His persons. They put words to document to offer back to God their souls in gratitude and enjoyment. Individuals read and sing in hopes of making exactly the same offering. Church, the organization, retains the legacy in order that Church, the people, may express devotion to God as you.

The expectation is that this body of believers will leave worship refreshed , renewed and filled with wonder at the grace of God through Christ and bring this wonder out into the world, out of the safe practices and familiarity of the organization.

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